That wonderful mysterious plant the The Ox – Tongue Lily bloomed again
I keep forgetting about this pot of bulbs I set in the ground a few years ago – it was a gift from a friend and ended up near the bottom of the garden as there was nowhere else to put it at the time
Pottering around down there a few weeks ago I found they had shot up again and the flowers were making a valiant effort to look interesting
I’m sure if I moved the pot so it was more visible (as in a different spot in the garden) I’d remember where they were and appreciate the flowers more
and possibly the bulbs would multiply 
Will have to ask at the local nursery and see if the know the answer
This photo is from last year and shows what the leaves look like
They shoot up after the flower has died down
And because she doesn’t like to be left out of anything
Here is my helper on the day
One curious cat called Kiera
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Now this person finds them as fascinating as I do
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Do you garden for interest or show?
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