Its the end of the week – well in my eyes it is  
I never count the weekend
That’s just there to be enjoyed lol
I’m sitting here this afternoon cuppa tea in hand
just letting various thoughts pop into my mind  
  • I needed a hottie to warm the bottom of the bed last night
  • Winter is definitely coming – it was 6c/42f overnight
  • It was very chilly this morning but we do have blue skies this afternoon 
3pm Friday May 6th
  • This week I discovered that as soon as I put my hands into the washing up water my nose would start to itch
  • Aso its a good idea to roll up the sleeves on your dressing gown if you wear it to do the washing up – water always seems to find its way up/down those sleeves
  • That is doesn’t matter how many blogs you decide to remove from your ‘follow’ list the space on that list soon gets filled up
  • The needle used by my Dr for a recent Flu’ jab was so fine and sharp I didn’t realise he’d actually given it to me
  • When you change from knitting very fine yarn and using very fine needles to chunky yarn and thick needles it will feel as though you are knitting with broomhandles
  • And the other thing is how crazy the online catalogue at my local library is.
For instance – I wanted to refresh my mind 
about the Dewey System of numbering books 
So not thinking about any book in particular  I wrote ‘Craft’ in the search box as thats the number I was after
There were obvious craft ones which gave me the number but I’m just baffled at some of the titles that appeared under the heading ‘words or phrase’ craft
Fanny Hill [DVD] : memoirs of a woman of pleasure
Writing a non-boring family history
Twisted Stitches: 30 Corrupt Cross Stitch and Embroidery [paperback]
In rough country : essays and reviews
Something is out there : unlocking Australia’s paranormal secrets
Daughters of the Witching Hill
Sesame Street : a celebration : 40 years of life on the street
Hunter S. Thompson : an insider’s view of deranged, depraved, drugged-out brilliance
You know that expression youngsters use
‘Go figure’
Well I’m trying to lol