I’ve spent lots of time away from the computer this last couple of weeks – taking advantage of the sunny, dry warmish days we have had – days that were nicer than all this past summer’s days put together – outside clearing and tidying things up before the weather really changes. 
Mind you on May Day we woke to a delicious red sky 
This is how it looked when I opened the curtains near the computer
The next day the skies looked like this
And then on the third I couldn’t see any further than my nose!
Oh the joys of Autumn mornings lol
Have joined a new gym much closer to home – smaller than the  last one but with all the same facilities and classes I had before without the crowding – I walk in there to be greeted by smiling reception staff and when I walk out they say goodbye – such a change from before and I love it. Makes me want to go back and the fees are less as well – so I’m smiling all the way to good health lol  
Yep these are the views of the days of our life at the moment lol