A head cold plus wet weather during the week has meant I have been feeling quite
miserable and out of sorts, hence the lack of posts but today (Saturday) was one of those welcome days where the sun shone right from the word go. I was able to have the doors and windows open and not go running for warmer clothes if it went behind a cloud.  So for the first time in a while I took to meandering around the little park close to home – there were benches and ducks to see and paths to walk!!
There was a big choice of benches I could sit on.  Two of which are my favourites. 
Theres this one thats been here for years
Its just behind these bushes on the left and has a view of the back of the Community House and the Bridge the goes over the wetlands
Which is where I can see the ducks!
Or theres this newer one further back in the park
Its from here I get a good view of some of the walking paths and the grassy areas
Or if I look really hard can see the other side of the pond and the children’s playground
Click on the photos to enlarge them
Actually today I kept on walking – lack of exercise was making me tetchy
Feeling really off, with no energy and no appetite
So it was good to be out in the fresh air with no need for a mackintosh
and I was ready for a meal when I got home
Many years ago I lived in the East Midlands and not being a native to there found some of the expressions and descriptive words very different to any I’d heard before
 Here’s a couple
I wasn’t mardy – I wasn’t moody
Mardy is a word in some dialects of English meaning: awkward; uncooperative; bad tempered; whiny; aloof; stroppy, moody, miserable or sulking like a small child. Its usage tends to be more common around, but not exclusive to Yorkshire, the West Midlands, East Midlands and Staffordshire
And I certainly didn’t have a monk on
 to have a monk on – to be grumpy, to have a sulky face
Whats the weather like at your place
and what strange expressions are used there local to your part of the country