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Its strange when you are travelling and you happen to come across a familar sight, but even though its similar its not the same.  We were in Newfoundland last year and driving round a bend  I suddenly yelled ‘stop’  There in what seemed a very small farm yard were some sheep – not many of them but sheep just the same.
Where I live in the suburbs east of Melbourne there aren’t any paddocks with sheep in them – but I don’t have to go too far up the road to find some.  Not the same as these – similar but not quite the same
These are Newfoundland Sheep – seemingly a rare breeed
Not a huge sized sheep – and one that seemed to be all different shapes and colours
Very placid looking – unconcerned with me being near the gate – that or they were wery well fed and it was post lunch siesta time lol
This one made its way over to see what was going on
but found something far more interesting on the way over
All of a sudden this big white dog which I think is a Pyrenean Mountain Dog / Great Pyrennes comes bounding over barking like crazy.  Didn’t disturb the sheep one little bit – and even tho it was behind a fence it made me feel a bit uncomfortable.
As you can see I stepped back a little:)
Reading up about these dogs I found out that they are a guardian dog rather than a herding dog so he was there to keep an eye on the sheep and protect them rather than say a Border Collie that gets them to move on.
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