The little pet shop in Montrose where I get Kiera’s fresh meat is on a fairly busy main road
Vince ( the owner) only carries supplies – food and the like – not live animals – so I wondered what was going on when I walked up the street a few months ago
With the direction of the sun and the reflections it looked like he had puppies sitting in the window and thats one thing he won’t do
He says you need to see animals in their home environment before you buy them
As I got closer, still looking at the window I could have sworn he was going back on his word
Then I looked closer still and it clicked
These were not real puppies but large photos
and right there next to them was this
A ‘for sale’ note in the window – he’d obviously vetted the owner and agreed to putting it there
Look at the cost – and these aren’t pure bred either
Think I was in the wrong line when I used to breed kittens lol
Hope you enjoyed my virtual Camera Critter
And aren’t they fabulous reflections of the traffic!
Real live critters can be found here