I’d like to know what we did wrong to be inflicted with the beep – I’d love to know who invented the beep ‘cose I’d certainly give him a piece of my mind

Not the bad word beep and not the reversing beep not even the ping beep of a low smoke alarm battery beep but that infernal one thats heard around us more and more these days – the one that seems to be attached to everything electonic.

My Dh has been party to the beep for a long time now, I have resisted for a long time whilst smiling at all those around me who were slaves of the beep. 

Sadly progress wiped the smile off my beepless face – our trusty 25 year old beepless microwave packed up last year and I reluctantly joined the beep society.  There is nothing attractive about a microwave that beeps at you – and I have been known to tell it so across the  kitchen.  Its almost like someone snapping their fingers and expecting you to drop everything and attend to the needs – doesn’t happen in my house lol

Christmas time saw me falling more and more under its spell – I entered a new phase of my life by becoming the owner of a mobile phone – yes, up till now if ‘they’ wanted to talk to me ‘they’ had to wait till I was ready to speak to them.  Unfortunately this thing beeps when ‘they’ decide they really need me to know something and text knowing my curiosity will get the better of me

Oh dear, and you know what…..last week another wedge was driven into my desire for a beepless life when the new fridge/freezer was delivered and had the audacity to beep at me when I stood at the door pondering.

And then not content with just finishing a wash and coming to a standstill – guess what the new washing machine did – yes the beeping thing beeped at me!

I’ve had enough………I’ve decided I’m going out to protest……I’m going to stand outside the electrical stores with a placard……a large one …….one that says Ban the Beep