I had the new fridge/freezer and the washing machine delivered Tuesday of last week (February 22nd) and before they arrived we had to move the others out on to the back deck
That left a nice gap and as always happens a grubby floor – can’t have the delivery man see that so I set to and gave it and the wall a wash
But guess what I see where the fridge/freezer had been
I think you can see it too – a half finished painting job
Bet he thought I’d never find it
Theres no point in complaining
I do remember him saying the paint had run out
And what I don’t see won’t matter that much lol
Its a little bit of a squeeze
but I’m sure we will manage
And as for the half finished skirting board
I know it will be fixed next time we paint the laundry
At least I hope it will lol
Any half finished jobs in your house?
Did you notice I hadn’t changed the date in the first photo?