Whats on my mind this week is exercise
or rather the need for some new exercise equiment

These are my very comfortable but rather well worn

They have walked many miles here and overseas
now I feel it is time to trade them in

So I am looking at new ones
Have you seen the price of them recently?!

One of my daughters is a runner/walker – actually in training at the moment for the Melbourne Oxfam Trailwalker event  – a fundraiser where teams have to cover 100km in 48 hrs, this is not her first time and I have to say I admire her for doing it each year – anyway she has goodness knows how many pairs of runners.  I’m sure she told me each pair plays a certain role – she has some that are for use on bush and forest trails as well as those for general running – pays what to me seems like the earth for them and actually keeps a check on the mileage that they do – seems there is a recommended lifetime for all of them so when they get close to that time out comes another pair.

Now thats alright if you can afford it I suppose but what options are there for the general public

Do you take the time and trouble of visiting a specialist shoe store where they will measure your foot and talk about what you doing  – bit  like going to a hairdresser for the first time or do you visit a large department store where you can try and buy much more cheaply and hope they are comfortable?

‘They’ say that to lose weight and tone your body you need to eat a blanced diet and do more exercise.  This new fitness whatever that I’m on means I’m doing a lot more walking, going to the gym and taking more classes at the leisure centre

My latest love is Zumba – as well as Body Pump, it has to be the best class on offer
So I need to go shopping soon for new shoes to keep my feet moving in the style they deserve 
Not sure if this fits the bill of being something ‘at home’ but if I’m not healthy it makes things ‘at home’ a great deal more difficult for us all lol
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