What I have ‘on my mind’ this week is not a real problem
but one I’ve been thinking about for a while  
I have an old wing back armchair out on the back deck
Someone once said it wasn’t what she expected of me
 – what ever that might mean – 
and yes, maybe it does look a bit odd having it there
but its really comfortable and also really warm to sit in when we are outside on warmish winters day and cool summer days as well
On any day in fact:)
The thing is I would like to bring it back indoors
Its getting on in years now, the fabric is quite frayed, tattered and torn in places courtesy of a large family and all the cats and kittens we have had in the house so would need lots of loving attention from an upholsterer 
When it got really unsightly we decided to refurnish
Now as I’m not a big person I’ve always found it hard to get furniture to fit and this was one suite that fitted me perfectly – unfortunately for me what we now is enormous and not very comfortable
What you get for letting men have a choice I suppose:(
I didn’t want to get rid of it so out the back it went covered by this throw over chair cover that blends in with the outdoor furniture
not the best fit but as they say better than nothing
This will tell you how long we’ve had it
Eldest daughter the day she was married the first time in 1983 (Ithink)
Don’t ask – there have been a couple of marriages
and I never remember when they were
Thankfully she seems settled now
‘Older and wiser’ I think the saying is
Younger daughter on her wedding day over 20 years ago
Same chairs – same look to the house as well
There’s only the one chair now – we disposed of the other and the couch 
and if I did have it recovered and brought it inside its size would make it look a bit odd
We’d have to refurnish again so it would blend in  ……..which would take some explaining on my behalf lol
I think maybe it will have stay on the deck for another year
Mainly because I’m not the only one who enjoys its comfort :))
There are lots of things on other people’s minds