When friends get together they talk about allsorts of things –  if they are anything like mine its anything and everything- and if they happen to be ladies of the older type (like most of mine are) lots of those anything’s are grandchildren. 
I was a bit surprised the other day when I heard one of them talking about what happened recently when she was asked to mind her newish grandchild, a little babe about 4 months old.  The mother (the daughter in law) brought the baby over and left a ‘list of dos and don’ts. 
Now listen to this – on the list was the suggestion that the baby was not to be picked up and cuddled.  She was to be left in the pusher – one of those newish ones with all the bells and whistles – to lie there and look around and just take in her surroundings.
My friend was really upset over this and rang her son to ask him if this is what went on at home – was the babe just left to lie there without being picked up and cuddled and talked to.  His reply was, Mum thats the way ……… wants to raise her and I’m not going to interfere.  That is such a shame, the baby will miss out on all that contact she needs early in life, her family – grandma included – also will miss so much.  
I believe its through that physical, visual and verbal contact you have with babies they learn so much.  Remember all the funny noises they make when they are tiny and all the funny faces they pull – its through you encouraging them, that all of that happens.  I don’t subscribe to the school of thought that says you don’t encourage baby talk – yes, when they are starting to form words you try to get them to say the correct one but I’m talking about when they are really tiny. 
Holding and touching baby – clothed or otherwise to me is good
Goo Gooing and pulling faces to me is good
Just by coincidence I was looking through some old photos the other day and look what I found.  A very young me and daughter no. 2 at the time we lived in Singapore when she happened to be the same age as my friend’s grandaughter.  I can remember the actual day – our little one was really getting into the ‘finding her voice’ stage.   It wasn’t a performance because I was unaware Dh was taking these photos but am so glad he did.  Its the way I was with all of our five – we just happen to have proof that that was the way it was
I’m curious to know how others feel –
Pick up and cuddle or let lie to observe
Do babies miss out or not?