There are so many strange things happening in Australia and around the world at the moment  that I’m sure there are lots of things (and not all nice ones) ‘on all our minds’
So please take this in the manner intended
I’m not whinging – not whining – but just wondering when – my dh will get round to making the wooden outside table he promised at the end of last Summer.

Our old one has really had it and is falling apart – part of our original garden furniture from many many years ago it hasn’t been used as a ‘table’ for quite a few of those years now but me being what I am can’t dispose of anything that still has a bit of life left in it. 

Anyway it sits beside the deck more as a decoration than useful – tho being near the garage it is handy just to plonk things on when we are passing by – trouble is the wood has deteriorated to the point where it is now becoming dangerous.

In his defence he ‘has’ made two benches using the pattern from the original ones and I set to and made little cushion type bolsters – reversible at that lol  At the moment they sit nicely to one side and have come in handy as extra seating when necessary
But I’m sure they will be extra special (read – useful)
 when they have a table to get cosy with:))
I did find this very old photo from the last summer (2004)  
I remember the delapidated table in use
Oh and look theres the old benches as well
Just as a sidenote
We did put a cloth on it when it was being used
The girls (cousins who are now 12 and 16) were discussing some bugs they found in the garden – no pretty cover needed – just a little wash down when they’d finished!
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