On my mind today is the fact that I no sooner
get the idea to tidy up this area
and this is what happens
Actually I don’t mind the visitor
Isn’t she a dear 🙂
What amazes though is that when we changed
to this computer desk
we remarked at how much more room
we had than the last little one
Yes, well I suppose its like an empty space in a cupboard
or on the kitchen bench
Stuff sort of appears to fill it – not sure how that happens lol
Papers near the phone on the left hand side
should have been put away or tossed
Its accumulated over the past few days
You – wouldn’t be me
use the computer to ‘check something’
and leave that something sitting there
Quite a few times by the look of it lol
Does anyone else out there have
Golf Balls and Tape Measures
living next to their computer??
If you go to Rhonda’s blog
you will see ‘what’s on the mind’ of many others