Thinking about today reminded me of a monthly meme that ran for 12 months in 2008
Called A Day in my Life it was organised by Little Jenny Wren
It was good fun and I looked forward to the 14th of each month
so I could talk about my daily happenings
Anyway today is the 20th of the month but never the less
I’m thought I’d tell you about my day today lol 
An early wake up call courtesy of my neighbours motor bike meant I was awake about 6.30am:(.  Red’s back on ABC breakfast radio after his summer break so we listened till 7am when I got up, made us our early cup of tea and came back to bed.  No reason to be up that early so it was a lazy lie in today:)    Brought my breakfast and knitting to bed and had Kiera for company while Dh had his as he checked emails and other bits and pieces.  Don’t often have lazy mornings like this and I certainly enjoyed it lol
Pottered around doing all those morning jobs – dishes and bed, checked some blogs, the bank and my emails, then we went to get fruit and veg from a local greengrocers.  Normally well priced but I was not overjoyed when I saw the price on the till roll.  Almost double our regular order – I think the drought and the floods are beginning to tell.
Remember the flowers from the last post – the roses I brought inside a week ago
Well this is what they looked like this morning.  Being down in the dumps as I was last week I really didn’t take much notice of things around me and hadn’t realised they were on the way out.  So they went out to the compost quick smart.
Was a bit chilly while we were down the road (9c/49f overnight) but soon warmed up and I pottered round the back garden deadheading and weeding then took time to get rid of – or rather put away – the last of the Christmas stuff that hadn’t found its way back into the garage.  I put the little line back in its bag over Christmas but it didn’t stay there for long as it rained again so I’m leaving it up for the time being lol
It wasn’t take long before trouble aka Kiera turned up
She’s still following me around like a shadow wanting to know what I’m up to all the time
We had a little lunch outside followed by coffee and a sit down .  Sounds like a really busy day so far lol …………….I hadn’t intended to do much today ‘cept enjoy it and knitting and reading seemed as good a way as any.  Dh will be away for a few days next week so a quiet day together is nice now and again
 I’m in the middle of knitting some slippers for a friend’s husband
 in a very serviceable male colour.   
Told you she stays close by!
The afternoon was so peaceful and quiet out there – I think the neighbours children were away for the day and nobody was using their lawn mower (thats a sunday job in our street) but too much of a good thing doesn’t do you any good so I finally had to come inside about 6pm and think about dinner.  Warm afternoons and evenings mean light meals for us so it was scrambled eggs and salad folowed by a fresh fruit and little yogurt.
Now its (supposedly) high summer there isn’t a huge amount flowering in my garden however I did manage to find some flowers this morning to bring inside for the hall table.
Roses, buddleia, lavender and some fuschia 
So a very quiet day – not much done as far as housework – yuk ghastly word!! – but much done on the relaxation dept.
I’ve enjoyed this so may even do it again next month