Have felt a bit off this past week – no energy, no enthusiasm, no interest in anything at all.
It was hot and humid for a while then wet and today has been really cold – its been a week of watching the terrible events unfold in Queensland and now in Victoria and feeling a bit unwell at times.  Physically as well as mentally.
A phone call yesterday and a letter today seemed to bring me back to life again – I had a call from my lovely friend Bonnie who lives in Nova Scotia and we laughed and joked about the great time we had in Newfoundland last yearso when I came off the phone I began to realise there was nothing I could do about events of that scale here  or elsewhere. Then I received a letter from Ann in Alberta, the widow of Dh’s friend Gorton (who passed away last year) and she reminded me that life is to be lived and not worried about. 
So here I am again – wondering what I can talk about this evening.
There’s economics – gas and electric companies have raised their prices.  Not content with charging us higher prices for the power they have also raised the supply cost as well. Means we will have to find an extra $90 a year just for that – not so much a problem for us but could be for others.  This is the time off the year when  I look at finances – you know that thing of totalling last years bills and dividing the totals to arrive at monthly figures.  Most years we are good at coping (even saving) but with so many goods and comodities going up in price I’m thinking some of our pleasures may have to go down -or even out the door lol
Then theres the family history I’m trying to research.  Have learn’t some upsetting things about one of Dh’s GtAunts – I know it was the times (1912) and this went on – am still trying to get facts together so I’ll write about it another day 
And then there’s the garden
I don’t often bring the roses into the house but these looked so good outside
I wanted to enjoy them inside
I started this last night – Tuesday
Will be back soon
hopefully more sociable