Another one of those dates that I won’t see again lol

Today was also another of those days I don’t ‘want’ to see again.

September 11th 2001 – or 9/11 as some of you know it was one of those days.  For most of that day – well actually it was the next day because our time is ahead of time in the USA – I watched television.  I sat in my sitting room and watched all those horrible devastating scenes unfolding on front of me

February 7th 2009 – Black Saturday was another of those days I don’t want to see again – another day when I listened to my radio and sat in front of my television watching and hearing terrible things unfolding in front of my eyes and ears.  This time much closer to home, in my own country, in my own state.

Same things happened today – it has been a very emotional day sitting and watching horrible devastating scenes of flooding and the effects of flooding from the previous day in the beautiful Sunshine State of Queensland unfold on my television.

It also brought home to me that when I am emotionally drained I eat.  I have eaten all day long today and I remember doing exactly that on those other two occasions.  I am not making light of those disasters – just realising that when I am stressed or have problems I eat