I always like it when I see something new and
I managed to see a ‘new’ to me water bird last week in Adelaide
We were down by West Lakes when I saw a black and white bird
that I vaguely recognised from its shape
but had to look it up when we got home to be sure
Turns out it is a Little Pied Cormorant
The Little Pied Cormorant, Little Shag or Kawaupaka (Microcarbo melanoleucos) is a common Australasian waterbird found around the coasts, islands, estuaries, and inland waters of Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Indonesia,
and around the islands of the south-western Pacific and the sub-Antarctic.
It is a small short-billed cormorant usually black above and white below with a yellow bill and small crest, although a mostly black white-throated form predominates in New Zealand.
Three subspecies are recognised. 
The species is known as the Little Pied Cormorant in Australia 
and as the Little Shag or by the Māori name of Kawaupaka in New Zealand.
There he was sitting on a railing by the water 
not in the least bit bothered by people passing by
Never having seen them close up before I was facinated by his feet
It never occured to me he’d have webbed ones like ducks
They look almost like big paddles lol