This is what was written in the program for the Celtica Festival
for a group called
Border Celts / An Ghillie Mor
Blue-faced warriors wielding sticks are joined by sword-bearing men in kilts
to bring to the festival audience a dance performance with a difference
a contemporary interpretation of an ancient Pictish step dance
plus traditional Highland dance

Intrigued with what was to come we sat and watched mistified
as these bluefaced women and some men in kilts
gathered at the side of the stage
But I’ll let the photos talk to you first
All I can say is I was facinated by what was going on in front of us
I’d never seen it before so didn’t know what to think
Reminiscent of Morris Dancing but nothing like it at all 
I sat there totally engrossed for what was a very long set
Fabulous all the same
Here’s their web site
along with a description from a previous festival
and I see someone has actually put that particular performance on you’tube
so do click here and watch it
Let it load and then enjoy
This post been about the group called Border Celts
I’ll show you the other part of the group
An Ghillie Mor
another day