It doesn’t matter how hot it is or how much of a hurry you are in to go to the loo – you must close the windows of your car. 

Sudden torrential downpours like Melbourne has been getting recently don’t do much for the interior.  Sitting on several towels you’ve put on the seat so you don’t have a wet b’um as well as to try and dry the rain soaked seat doesn’t feel good – in fact it means you have to lower the seat because your head nearly touches the interior roof.

Good job we are using Dh’s car to drive interstate in the morning as mine is starting to smell a bit musty.  Must make a note that on the next bright dry sunny day I must remember to open all the doors and windows.  Will need some Glen ’20 as well as Febre’ze – goodness knows what it will be like after being closed up for the next 7 days :((

Bye for now
See you all sometime next week