Quite a few people showed an interest in Kiera the other day
which made me think you’d like to see some more of her antics
on the day recently when I gave her a brush and comb
These are the days when all the gloom and doom seems to lift right off her shoulders 
and you can see here whole attitude change in front of my eyes 
Just like ours when we have a trip to the hairdressers lol
So it started like this
Well come on then
I’d like you start with my head
it needs a good scratch
My furs a bit broken on my back
could you look into my diet please
I’m not sure if that cheaper brand of dry food is doing it or not
Maybe you could go back to that ‘good’ stuff you get from the vet
and see if it makes any difference – Please:))
(Sounds like me reassessing the shampoo I use lol)
Why did you stop – I was enjoying that
Think I’ll have a little snooze in the sunshine
I feel quite relaxed
you can carry on without me 
What all done – that was quick
Oh don’t I look beautiful
I love this – it makes me feel good
And look at those ears
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