I’m wondering if theres ever been a time
when you’ve gone out really early
and taken the train or the bus to the city 
leaving the car in a half full station car park
After the journey home later that day
you’ve got off at your station along with loads of other people 
 wandered over to the car park
and stared ‘cose it was completly full
of commuter’s cars that had arrived after you left
on your journey much early that morning 
I have 
and I have also been known to stand there
and wonder where my car was lol 
That little scenario is what I immediately thought of
when I saw these photos in one of the trip folders
The day we we were in Skagway  
we and loads of other cruise ship passengers
had had a fabulous train trip
on the White Pass and Yukon Railway
arriving back ‘home’ late in the afternoon
This shows some of us who had stayed in town for a while
wandering back to the ship
looking forward to a nice cup of tea and
wondering what was on the menu for dinner that evening
When we got to the end of the train this is what we saw
A dock full of cruise ships lol
Four of them to be exact –
I had to use the wide angle to get them all in lol
I overheard a lady ask her very tired and very irritable husband
(I’m assuming that’s who he was)
Which one’s ours honey?
How the h… would I know, he said
After a while they all look the same!!
Luckily I knew which was mine and where it was parked lol