Now some of you know at times I’m a real scardey cat
As much as I put on brave face – especially when flying
I have been known to worry about things going wrong
Lets just say when I get onto a boat/ship the first thng I check
is where the lifejackets are and also where the lifeboats are
So off we go to Alaska in August on the Zuiderdam
and on my first venture round the deck
I spot this little number
Not going to get many in there is my first thought
Don’t be daft my dear one says
look at your room card
Boat number 2 is ours
So off we go to lifeboat muster -without lifejackets this sailing
Rules have changed for this drill because theres nothing worse
(or dangerous)
than trying to make your way up and down
the inside stairs and passageways
(unless its a real emergency lol)
complete with a bulky lifejacket
So we make our way to Station Number 2
Not that one says Dh – it says 4
So are you telling me that we are down further
in that little tiddly one I saw earlier
Surely that can’t be ours šŸ˜¦
Oh, we came from the other direction
and the number is painted on that big one up above
At the end facing the station number
Relief after all :))
The day we arrive in Skagway and are getting ready to go ashore
I notice some movement along the line of lifeboats
down below our deck
The lifeboats are starting to be lowered off the side of the ship
Love that relection on the verandah panels
Right on down to the water they go.
Oh goody – they have roofs
I wont get wet if we have to use them
Hush Catherine – those thoughts are not necessary lol
My dear one stayed in the room longer and saw them reach the water
It was good to know the crew does practise their lifeboat drill
Now I’ve told you that a short while after that
we took the Marine Atlantic ferry Joseph and Sarah Smallwood 
from North Sydney, Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland
Can you imagine
my surprise – joy – feelings
 when I saw the size of ‘this’ lifeboat lol
This is my post for Watery Wednesday
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