A friend mentioned to me the other day about feeling old because she had checked her calendar to see when her next visit to the podiatrist was.
‘Only old people do that’ she said
I laughed because I’d not long been to see mine and remembered how good it felt as I walked out of the rooms.  I don’t always wear shoes at home or any covering on my feet for that matter.  I go barefoot almost all the time – until winter when its knitted slippers for me.  Of course this means I do untold damage to the soles of my feet.  I’ve never had ‘nice’ feet – and because I hate wearing shoes I have been known to stub my toes or get them cut in some or another quite frequently.  So you will always find a bandaid or two in my bags.
I began to get corns – ok too much information – and changing shoes didn’t seem to help so its only in the last few years I’ve actually been to the Podiatrist (physician of the foot) or Chiropodist as they used to be called.  Now I have regular appointments and yes, I actually look forward to them.
We begin with the little chat and the initial examination of my feet and then out comes the cleansing swabs and the little instuments and away we go.  What I really do like is the little electric sanding tool – well thats what it reminds me of – my man Bill starts it up after all the dead skin has been trimmed off the heels and the balls of my feet and just gently smoothes out all the rough edges.
Toenails get clipped and the whole of the foot creamed – I’ve never been one for manicures and there are some things (places) I can’t get to – little toes just don’t bend or come apart far enough for me to get the clippers working and my toe nails are becoming so thick I can’t even clip the ones I can get to.  Yes I know more of the too much info lol  But theres nothing like that feeling of walking from his rooms with nicely creamed soft feet – almost like walking on air lol
Actually its feet that took me to the Chiropractor the other day – or rather because of my feet and what I put on them gave me a reason to be there.  Pottering around the garden a couple of weeks ago I fell or rather I tripped over something that I should have put away – well actually if I’d been wearing proper shoes I probably wouldn’t have tripped over it in the first place.  I had on a really old comfy pair of sheepskin slip on mule type things which have seen better days and need to gripped sometimes so they stay on my feet.
Just like these lol
Well I tripped near the clotheline – the mules slipped sideways – I tumbled head first through one of the lavender bushes to begin with but not wanting to fall on my arms (broken arms are not good) I sort of fell sideways onto a shoulder.  Picked myself up and thought no more about it – till a couple of days later when I had restricted movement – oh it’ll get better with time says I.
Well it was sort of – getting better that is – still a bit painful but the range of movements ‘was’ improving.  Then I decided to shift some small paving stones – bad move.  Not only did I have a sore shoulder and arm but I now had a sore back.  So I went to see my lovely Deb who set to with her funny little clicky gadget properly named an activator  http://www.transformativechiropractic.com/techniques.php?tid=5   and she put me right.
Somehow I think it might be time to put those comfy things in the bin this week lol.
You know I have been known to wear ‘proper’ shoes even ones with really high heels – like this time, at our youngest daughter’s wedding. This was taken 21 years ago and all those sweet young things have children of their own now.
Oh those were the days –
After lots of ups and downs
life is mostly sweet for them all lol
Just one thing I do know and that is I can’t get my feet into those shoes anymore.
They are still in the cupboard and I tried the other day but my feet seem to have spread a bit.
Guess I must be getting old – thats what happens to old ladies I believe.
Now I wonder when my next visit to Bill is lol