The day before we took the ferry to Newfoundland
we had a meal in a pub
right next to the ferry terminal in North Sydney
Called Rollies Wharf – it was a fun place
Food was good but what was even better was the session that took place as the night went on
I wont say much today – I’ll leave that for another day
Today I need an answer to a question
one I think my some of my North American readers could have the answer to
Outside of Rollies was a plant – sort of like a small bush
Covered in these huge flowers
It looked like a Hydrangea to me – the long shape of the flower head reminded me of
‘cept it had the wrong shaped leaves
These were not oak leaf shaped but as you can see longer  
When we get to Dh’s cousins house she had a similar shrub
‘cept much taller and its flowering wasn’t as advanced
but look what I did see in hers lol
Not one but two bees lol
I forgot to ask the cousin the nameof the plant
So who is going to put me out of my misery?
To see more beautiful flowers from around the world