You never know what you’ll see in a strange country
Not far out of the town of Juneau in Alaska there is a fabulous glacier
Just a short bus ride down the road
No boat or helicopter needed to see this one lol
On the day we were there this is what we also saw
A small black bear who happened to be brown
The ranger is this area said he/she (I didn’t hear what gender) was young
and had been seen on its own for a little while
We were on a bridge/walkway close to a small stream 
when we saw the bear
looking for the salmon that pass up through the fish gate
There must be days when dinner can come easily
or not as the case may be lol
Remember they are wild animals the ranger said
Not for cuddling!!
Then his/her head lifted 
Maybe it heard some of the crowd noise even tho’ most there were trying to be quiet
and the little bear was off like a shot
Hence the blurred photo
Photos will enlarge
click and then click again
‘There’s a bear in there’
is the song played at the beginning of Playschool in Australia
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