We had chicken for dinner last night
Lightly fried chicken breasts along with a garden salad
(sorry no pics – I always forget to take them when I actually cook)
Not very adventurous I know
but there are a few kilos that have to be removed
from my body
My luggage may not have been overweight coming home
but my body was 😦
As I was standing there watching the pan
I laughed when I remembered the last time I saw chicken being eaten
It wasn’t very long ago – in Deer Lake, Newfoundland 
We were out for a quick meal and one of the friends at our table ordered this
A dish of hot chips (fries)
accompanied with gravy
 – shredded chicken –
seasoning (dressing)  
– topped with cheese –
Seemingly a big thing over there
Not a good looking dish – yet she wolfed it down!
 I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole
‘cose I only like vinegar on my chips lol
Are there any weird and wonderful dishes local to you?
Any that you’d admit to eating??