Even though the main time for honouring war dead in Australia
is in April on Anzac Day
there are many here who also remember on November 11th
Remembrance Day sometimes called Armistice Day
was the day set aside to commemorate the ending of fighting on the Western Front during the First World War
The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month
was the time selected to sign a treaty
It is still used in many countries as their day of remembering and honouring 
those who died in battles fought in wars and conflicts over the years
even though many also – like Australia – have their own recognised day
But why are the Poppies on sale
This link will answer that question
There is a very long history in my family of men serving their country
My father served in the English airforce during war time and also for years after in peace time, my dear one also served in the same airforce in peace time and our son followed the tradition by serving in the Australian airforce   
These flags are of  various countries and their airforces aound the world
and are displayed outside the Calgary Aerospace Museum   
They commemorate a training plan for airmen from various Commonwealth countries
that took place in Canada during the Second World War

There are many who dissagree but we must remember them all
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