Do you remember the load of washing I did last Sunday
It was a very windy day so I stripped the bed and washed all the linen
As well as the blankets – I did the bedspread and mattress protector
The pillows went out to air as well – nothing like a day in the breeze to freshen them up
Sometimes I’ll vacuum the bed – top and sides
but it didn’t get done this time

I try to do this on a regular basis – its just finding the right day to do it

We have a manufacturing company here in Australia that deals in bedding
Doona/Duvets – Pillows – Mattress Protectors
Its a company most Australians respect
but they have come up with an idea that to me just seems like a market ploy
It goes like this
Their pillows now have a date stamp on them
Seems our pillows are full of lots of wriggly things that much away at our dead skin flakes
and we need to renew our pillows every 2 years
You can read all the information on these sites

For a while when our kids were young I used to wash their pillows but ended up with funny shapes
later discovered if you drip dry them making sure they are thoroughly dry you get a nice clean fresh pillow
Mid summer seems to be the best time to do that

As well as the cover on the pillow mine are put inside pillow protectors
and then have a pillow case on top of that

I think I’ll take my chances by hanging mine out to air regularly
My latex ones cost $80 each and I can’t find that every two years

Just curious as to whether this is taking place in any other country?