Short post just to say we are back home in Australia.  Time seems to have got away since we walked in the door – so this is my first chance to say hello.

Got back late last Saturday after an unscheduled 10hr wait at Sydney Airport – our aircraft was late arriving in Sydney, long queues at Customs and Immigration, luggage took forever to arrive at the baggage carousel, chaos at the bus transfer terminal (International to Domestic) all of which meant we missed our 10am Melbourne connection.

Qantas were really helpful but couldn’t get us on anything  before 8pm…………….school holidays, AFL and NRL Finals as well as a Long Weekend in Sydney didn’t help when it came to finding a replacement flight for us and to make matters even more grim (‘cose we couldn’t pass the day at his home) our son who lives just an hour away from the airport had gone down the coast for a few days – so there was nothing to do but settle down and wait it out. 

Watched the AFL Grand Final replay at one of the bars along with a fluctuating (noisy) crowd of Collingwood supporters – none of whom knew each other but happened to be travelling in various directions that afternoon and stopped for a while as they walked along the concourse to their gates.  Thought of you Angela – how happy you would have been with the result.  Haven’t caught up with your blog yet but will visit soon. 

It was a really great holiday – seeing friends and family and visiting new places was stimulating yet tiring at the same time.  We had a fabulous time – there were happy times and sad times, take the good with the bad times as well.  Hope to be back in a few days to tell you all about it.