Hello there everyone
Earlier today I posted a ‘funny’ about the Nigerian Football Team’s goalkeeper
After a couple of blog comments and also after having a couple of friends ring me about it I have decided to delete the post.
Yes it was a funny – taking a punt at that Nigerian Bank Hoax that was doing the rounds for a while – which I’m sure many of us were all unfortunate enough to have arrive in our inboxes or even as we did in our snail mail post boxes
Which was exactly the way this was forwarded to us – via our inbox
Thinking about it I did wonder if anyone would be taken in by it – so as I say, made the decision to delete
On a better note
My dh is much much better.  Fever has gone, he’s steady on his feet, his mind is much clearer and he’s starting to eat.
The abdomen ultrasound showed everything was normal. 
Not a thing wrong with his liver. gallbladder, spleen or pancreas but after having several sets of blood tests repeated several times one ‘part’ of the Liver Function Test is still returning abnormal. 
So if the most recent set – taken yesterday – are still raised he will be seeing a Hepatologist (Liver Specialist) – so fingers crossed again.
His GP ‘thinks’ its possible it could be his cholesterol medication (Lipitor) that is to blame. 
So with all that in mind its also possible we may have to cancel our overseas trip – we are supposed to fly out 5 weeks today (August 19th)
Take care