Having said ‘Goodbye’
and watch my dearest friend Leroy
pass over the Rainbow Bridge last May
it means I’m the only feline in the house now
and THAT means
I should be allowed to take a few liberties!!
Like sitting on the big bed whenever I please
I was told to get off of here
because ‘she’ was coming back to make it 
Doesn’t she know how beautiful I look
and this unmade bed is so inviting
I do wish she’d hurry up
my eyes are starting to droop
And – Mmmm – this side of the bed
is really soft and comfortable
Yes – I hear you
You’re coming back so I need to get off
But this is so delicious
I could stay here all day
What do you mean?
What am I doing?
I heard the phone ring
I knew you’d be a while
so I decided to take a bath
Won’t be long – nearly finished
I’ll be off in minute!

Does anyone remember the time
Leroy and Kiera spent on the computer desk
See here in March
I’m wondering if this is what she was up to lol
click the photos and they will enlarge
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