As many of you know we live east of Melbourne
close to our beautiful Dandenong Ranges
and just down the road from the Yarra Valley 
in the aptly called Shire of Yarra Ranges
When we first moved here many years ago
we were able to see the outline of the hills from the back garden
Of course over time things in suburbia change
6 foot fences are changed for taller ones
Evergreen and deciduous trees are planted
Trees grow so the view becomes very different
Some of the older single story weatherboard houses
have been demolished
Taller structures are appearing all over the place
The whole outlook from our house has changed completely
It is only at this time of the year
when next door’s old oak tree has lost its leaves
I can actually see the TV masts on the hills
This is the view from my laundry window  
If you look above the tin roof of our old garage
You’ll see I’ve made a little white mark on the hills
just about where those masts are
click to enlarge these pictures
I’ve cropped this one 
and if you look carefully
you’ll see 
I’m not telling whoppers lol
I can also see them if I stand on tippytoes
near the drainpipe
right at the end of the garage
but only there
because if I stand anywhere else on that line
the tree trunks get in the way:((
Also has to be on my toes because I’m short
and next doors shed cuts into the view lol
So for a short while in the winter when that tree is bare
I am reminded of where we actually live
and why I don’t mind looking out
over the top of a tin roof
and through a tree with no leaves
Is there anything you can see one season
but not another?