There are some shrubs that grow nice and bushy
and reasonably tall in height
so serve a purpose as a screening plant
At least thats what I envisaged a few years ago
when I planted something 
down at the bottom of the garden
near the old cat pen

Thought it would grow fairly high with a bit of width
and would provide a bit of shade to one side of the pen
for anyone in there during the summer time
Also act as a wind break in the winter

This pen has been used for those times when we’ve gone out
and didn’t want to leave the cats out
but needed to know they were secure
No one ever lived in it permanently

Well I think I got given the runt (sorry) of the cuttings
as you can see from this photo
the one thats growing there hasn’t even reached the open mesh

please click on the pictures to enlarge

Its a spot that gets the winter sun
so there are lots of weird and wonderful things
growing down there
 I thought this would make that area
look less utilitarian in the summer when nothing was blooming
With it being a winter flowering shrub
now is the time when its covered in clusters of little dark pink buds
which then open out into tiny pale pink flowers
The clusters don’t all appear at the same time
There are some with the flowers already open
and there are some more new ones
appearing at the top of the bush
Look at the lovely dark buds

They gradually become lighter before opening

I’ve become used to seeing this little shrub down there
and am not too fussed if it doesn’t grow its full height
And I’ve noticed the sun is higher in the summer
so doesn’t really shine in there
also because the sun is lower in the winter
anyone spending time in there during those months
has reaped the benefit of the sunshine
They aren’t going to complain – sunshine equals warmth
We all know cats love warmth and sunshine  
Well mine do lol
You will find some facts here about 
to see some more beautiful flowers from around the world