It seems much longer than a week since I last posted – things just didn’t go the way I wanted them to but at long last I can write a post and not fear it being lost in mid sentence!

The big hassle was realising how much we rely on our Internet connection and it not being there. Dh was a bit put out because he uses it a lot for downloads but for me not being able to contact friends and relations and do banking in the way we have become accustomed to was the big eye opener; I used the telephone a lot and actually had to go into the bank one day to make a transaction – took far more time than at home but was rather nice as I got to chat to the teller the way we used to do lol

My hacking cough seemed to go on for ever, thakfully I am well and truly back in the land of the living now but of course we all know that when one thing is fixed another will break down.

My dear sweet one has come down with a viral complaint of unknown origin. He’s had a very high temperature for several days now, sweats and shivers but no flue like symptoms, no cough sore throat, ear ache or tummy problems, just running this extraordinarily high temp. I tried going down the fluids, showers, rest and paracetamol path but couldn’t get the temp back down to normal so unbeknown to him I made an appointment with his GP (we frequent different practices) for yesterday morning – he’d suffer in silence hoping it would go away – well as much as a man could do so – chair slouching, his hand on head feeling to see if he really was as hot as he felt, asking if he looked unwell – I’m sure you know what I mean lol

He went along willingly so must have been feeling crook but I’m a bit mystified with what he was told. ‘Its unusual for an older person to have a fever for that long but without any other symptoms it just looks like a virus. Carry on with what your wife is doing and if you still have the high temp in a couple of days come back and see me again’   I may try and persuade him to see my man for a second opinion if it does continue.

Anyway over this time there have been some minor hassles and some little unexpected joys.

One minor hassle was having to change the bedding each day, the sheets have been soaked each morning from all the perspiration – ok sweat – so I’ve been running round in circles stripping the bed and leaving it to air before I sorted out his shower and then tried to remake it all afresh whilst he was getting dressed.

There was some unexpected joy and all those grizzles disappeared when after a couple of days we had a beautiful sunny day where I was able to wash the bedding and dry it all outside. I am so glad we have more than one change; we actually have quite a lot more than one change and I am glad I didn’t give in to all the recommendations in clutter books that suggest there is no need for more than one change of bedding. You never know when you will need them lol

Another minor hassle was the fact that a while ago I had agreed to mind a grandchild over this past weekend. Her Mum (DD1) was going up to Queensland to run in the Gold Coast Marathon and her father who works for the Police Dept was rostered for a weekend of nights and unable to change his rostered shifts. It was nice having her here with us and in the end wasn’t quite the problem I thought it was going to be. She had a party organised for the Saturday so stayed Friday night with a girlfriend as they were both invited which meant I only had to pick them both up Saturday night, take the friend home and then bring her back to our place. Sunday and Monday passed quietly – I cancelled the planned cinema visit because I wanted to be here with Dh and it really didn’t seem to bother her. Very tired from a couple of late nights she was content with the bits she brought with her and also Grandad allowed her to play around on the computer so that seemed to soften the blow a bit.   So there was unexpected joy when I heard her calling to me and laughing. ‘T says to say hello to you Grandma’

T is a granddaughter who lives in another state and had seen A on her F/Book page so sent her a message. Even though they may not see each other regularly most of the cousins talk to each other online one way or another so after a little chit chat A had told her where she was and that’s when T had mentioned for A to give us her love. We don’t have a lot of contact with her so as I said unexpected joy and a lovely warm cosy feeling.

Feeling a little less washed out this afternoon Dh thought he’d take his temperature – minor hassle coming up – he decides to kill two birds with one stone, pops it under his arm and potters off to the ‘gents’ at the same time.  Yes you guessed it – tinkle tinkle ‘oh bla*t’ – (no not that tinkle) – glass and little balls of mercury all over the place – we have/had an older style thermometer and there it was in pieces on the floor. 

So off I go to the Chemist for a new one (tell you what, they certainly have gone up in price) and ‘unexpected joy’ I met another of our granddaughters up at the shopping centre.  This was the oldest one who had just been for an interview at the supermarket, nearly 17 years and so grown up hoping to get a chance to earn some extra money doing a shift here and there.  I gave her a lift home and smiled as she told me how ‘scared’ she had been when she first met the Manager, but ‘he seemed like a really nice man so I just talked to him normally’.  Then after a little while she said ‘Oh Grandma I hope I didn’t talk too much though’ 

Wonder where she gets that from – wouldn’t be her Grandma would it – think I’d better say its good to be back and stop chattering.  Hopefully I’ll be able to start visiting people and reading their blogs in the next few days – when I’ve cleared up all that washing again that is:))