Angela and others wanted to know
whether I’d found time for ‘me’
over the past couple of weeks
So take a loooky here
I had a rummage through the bags and bags of wool/yarn
out in the garage and decided I’d do some more knitting
What else lol
All or just about all of the last knitting frenzy
with the exception of the lacy scarves
involved plain knitting
so this time I decided I wanted to knit
some things that had texture
Naturally it meant I had to spend hours
pouring over all the patterns
gathered from years af knitting
for several generations
all neatly tucked away in folders
I say neatly
but there are times when I remove one
supposedly to look at suggested materials
and it ends up sitting there beside the chair
along with lots of others
which means sometimes I’ll go through the folders
and see blank pages
which then means
scouring the house for the missing ones lol
Anyway using some of my freeby acquired wool/yarn stash
this is what I’ve come up with
click on pictures for a clearer view
A really nice aran type boy looking jumper/sweater
A Shepherd pattern No. 1621
Which I am knitting in a green colour
(great for playing in the garden and not showing the dirt)
Lots of texture there
and also a reminder of how I’m not endeared to double moss
and there is lots of it on either side of the cable panels
so I’m going to be picking it up and putting it down
Then I found this pattern
an old Peter Pan No P834
Cardigans and jumper/sweater
with texture in the form of a wavy design
Just knit and purl stitches moved in various directions
to achieve the look
Not sure where I got this yellow from
but it looks better in real life than the photo
Knit in 8ply it is quick and easy so I have finished the back
and from what I can read the front follows the same lines
but the sleeves have an all over design which I may or may not do
I first knit this lovely little Angel Top
for our eldest granddaughter nearly 17 years ago
The picture of the baby is from the pattern book
Its an older book
Sirdar Baby Book No 100
knitting/crochet designs Birth to 6 months
Don’t you love the way the ‘mother’ is dressed
Frilly negligee and adoring looks towards the baby
Tru to life??
I’ve tried but can’t seem to get a clear photo
of the small amount I’ve knit so far
it sort of shows the really easy
but difficult looking stitch
also the turn up row for the picot edge
Now still looking for texture
I thought I’d try this little number
I found it tucked away in a book called
Hayfield Baby Flair Book
There are lots of great patterns in this book
my copy has been used a lot
is well worn and falling apart 
I knit the one on the cover for several of my grandbabies
Their mums thought it novel to have something with their names on the front
I wanted to use some variegated woool/yarn
but it didn’t look right in the garter stitch
so I’m actually knitting it in Stocking Stitch
Soft girly colours with an unusual neckline
and straight set in drop shoulders sleeves 
So there you have it
even tho its not making much of a dent in the mountain outside
theres something there to keep me going for a little while
These will all go away towards the charity stalls of 2011
ps The little note on the rib band is the size that I’m knitting
If I have several things on the go there are times when I need a reminder
as to which size I’m actually knitting lol
Handy when there are instructions for more than one size