We have had such wet weather over the past few weeks
these have been springing up all over the place
All of them are unknown to me
They may not be not as grand
or perfumed like a Rose
but they are just as stunning to me as the Rose 
Firstly some smaller ones found in my garden
Not sure if these are all the same and change a bit as they mature
or two different types with similar colours
click to enlarge

Look how fine this stem is
The underside of these is so gnarly
Looks like bark from a tree
Now this is something I ‘found’ in the local park
To begin with I thought it was something a dog had left behind 😦
Then I saw a better specimen with a stalk 
and realised it was a fungi of sorts
But what is it?
I didn’t have anything on me to measure it
but those leaves lying around are a fairly substantial size 
Then of course there are the little white button ones
Lots of them scattered all over the grass in the park
There were so many of them all over the place
but they didn’t appear to be growing in a cirle
thus forming a fairy ring
Although its quite possible they did but were covered by all the leaves
Sadly I didn’t get to see any faeires or elves
but did say a quiet hello to any little ones
who might have been hiding in the trees nearby  
after being disturbed by local school children lol 
Now if you click here
You will definitely seee fabulous flowers from around the worl