Another request on and off the web
for band photos
so here goes

One little 12 year old girl

First term at High School
Band class
Never played an instrument before
‘Our first Bassoon’ said the music teacher
We are going to need someone special
to learn this instrument
Would you like to try?
Oh dear, what have I let myself in for lol
3 months down the track
She loves it!
click to enlarge and enjoy
Big sister graduated last year
from clarinet to bass clarinet
another ‘long’ instrument
Same concert
Older students
She’s the redhead on the right
Four of her class play as a quartet
called The Liquorice Allsorts
– trying to get her in the picture
I missed the one on the left 😦
She’s in the middle row
on this picture
(Big heads in front of me meant not many pictures)