Outside of Yea, a town about an hours drive from where I live,
there is a disused railway tunnel.
Called the Cheviot Tunnel it was built in the 1880s
when the railway line from Melbourne to Yea was extended to Mansfield
Cheviot station was opened with the line in 1889 as part of the Yea to Molesworth extension. Molesworth to Merton opened in 1890 to be followed by Merton to Mansfield in 1891.
In all the times we’ve visited Yea we’ve never been to see the tunnel
so I took these photos on our last daytrip in April
We were there in early April
well before our Anzac Weekend in Adelaide
but since we returned home this is how I’ve felt
I knew this hollow feeling was going to arrive 
in the same way you can see this tunnel approaching
I could see the darkness that was going to envelope me
with just a little tiny speck of light ahead
but I really didn’t want to go there
Then there was that awful time when it was black
and I couldn’t see clearly
but the light in the distance was growing stronger
At last I was able to see the outside world clearly
realise all was well
and life would be ok again
What all this is building up to is the fact
that since we got home
I saw a definite decline in Leroy
our 18 year old chocolate Burmese boy
He was very unsteady on his feet, was not eating
and had lost an enormous amount of weight
then other problems arose
So it was with sadness after so much consideration and tears
I made that final decision last Thursday
He loved that chair on the deck
where he could sit and watch the world go by
or snooze as he wished
He loved being scratched under his chin
and best of all he loved to sleep peacefully in the sun
VALE – Farewell
Double Grand Premier Neuter Kingswood Bonnie Laddie
known to us as
Sire   Adina Kavalier
      Dam   Brookwood Ranee
24-4-1992 to 13-5-2010