Here are some more photos of my early morning walk
The walk I took whilst we were in Adelaide the other week
The one to the little bridge in West Lakes Shore 
that goes over to Delfin Island
Standing looking at the bridge I could see blue skies with some cloud
Yet when I looked down the river to my left it was decidedly grey 
If you enlarge the photo
you’ll get the first glimpse of the rowers
I featured the other day in Watery Wednesday
up there in the top right hand corner

Looking the other way to my right I could see those lovely blue skies 
On the bridge I double checked to my left
still misty and grey
See the large houses with their river front moorings
Yet there was that sunshine on my right
as well as more large houses with their river front moorings
Had to double check the sky on ‘our’ side of the river
the side I was staying on
Yes – we had the sunshine and fluffy clouds
All those misty grey clouds were over the city
where it rained for part
of the Anzac Day March
yet we got only a sprinkling where we were