Its funny but I usually read a lot during the Summer but this one past I was busy being craft – for some reason I set to and did all that knitting and no reading at all.  Mind you I did loads during the winter whilst we were up north in sunny Far North Queensland so maybe my brain had had enough lol

We found the best place to pick up reading matter of all sorts was in the laundry at the van park – it was sort of like a recycling depot where travellers would leave books and magazines (new and very old) there rather than put them in the rubbish and others would do the same – pop in to use the washers, drop off your finished material, browse and take away what ever interested you.  Saved you going to the local secondhand book shop and buying lol

Our friends in Adelaide are readers, so when we were getting ready to go over the other week I decided to give them a treat.  We had a clean out of books we’d finished over the last few years, boxed them up and took them over. 

In return I came home with one by Jodi Picoult called Change of Heart – I’ve never read any of her books so don’t know what to expect.  Viv wouldn’t tell me anything about it either

I haven’t been on the internet to read up on the book ‘cose I didn’t want to spoil it – but curious to know what others thought of it.