Letter O in the Blogging from A-Z April challenge
There is one place I enjoy more than anywhere else
and that is Outside
meaning Outside the house in the great Outdoors
Just Outside my front door you will find this shrub
aka nerium Oleander
Nerium oleander is a woody perennial, shrub that can be trained into a small tree in the early stages of growth. The trunk is smooth, grey in colour while the branches are semi-rubbery and pliable
Five-petal flowers of the straight species bloom in shades of white, yellow, pink and red
Grown all over the world
There is even an International Oleander Society
dedicated to this plant
this page on their site covers known history of the plant
and makes interesting reading
The Oleander is one of the easiest plants to grow in our climate
in fact it seems to grow well all over Australia
Its one of those pop in the ground and forget things
I have several of these plants growing along a wooden paling fence
down the side of the driveway
Mine grow tall and bushy – just the thing to cover unsightly objects
but there are dwarf varieties as well
They are easy to keep in check
Growing too far in one direction – just give it a short back and sides
I even chopped them almost to ground level once
so we could have some work done nearby
Within a short while they had shot up and were lovely and bushy again 
The sap is reputed to be poisonous
Don’t test the theory
Use gloves or wash your hands to be on the safe side
Information from here
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