Letter H of The Blogging from A-Z April Challenge
House v Home
A house is a structure , but a home is the people who live in the house and make it a safe and pleasant place to be. You’ve heard quotes such as “Keep the home fires burning” (during the wars years) and the oldie but goodie “Home is where the heart is.” You can live in a beautiful home, but if you have no one to love and share it with, then it’s just a plain house no matter how fancy it is. Poor or rich, no children or a dozen children, adults have the control to make any place a good home.
 But a house is a physical structure with walls and a roof and a door.
A home can be anywhere you live 
“Home is where the heart is.”

So what about you?
How do you think about where you live
Is it just:

a House – something that you are living in
a Home – the place where you are living but also where you feel comfortable and safe


Does owning the place make any difference?
To me it does.
I know on the few occasions we rented
I found I couldn’t form an attachement to the House
We couldn’t do anything to make it ‘ours’
so I never felt it was our Home

I’d love to know how others have coped with this situation

There a saying I love and can fully relate to
‘Dull women have immaculate homes’

You should see mine sometimes
Very lived in
Certainly not immaculate lol

Now heres a little extra piece on Houses
The Macquarie Thesaurus
used the word Bower
in its listing for House
According to them a Bower is also a House

I used to think these were the home of a Bower Bird
but it seems thats not so
Its the male who builds this and trys to entice the female
to come and live close by to there
and breed a family

Hence a Bower also being thought of as a lady’s bedroom lol
BTW She builds her own nest way up in the tree tops lol

It would make a lovely Home wouldn’t it
Tucked away in the forest – this one snapped by my Dh
was on a golf course – where else!!