Letter A in the Blogging from A-Z April challenge
You would wonder why a little Austr’alia Post Box like this
outside of a small branch of the Post Office
 would bring forward feelings of Anger and Annoyance
‘Cose just before that ‘special day’ last December
I put a small parcel into one of these Post Boxes
just like this one – and thats the last time it was seen
Disappeared just like that – never to be seen again
From that moment on it didn’t exist
Didn’t matter that thousands of small parcels
were in the system at that time of the year
and they got to their destinations
And admittedly the postal workers in the state it was destined for were on strike
but they gave up after a while and went back on the job
The two little boys it was addressed to waited and waited
ever hopeful that Grandma’s gift would arrive sometime
So when a month after being put into a box like the one above
it still hadn’t arrived I approached the authorities concerned 
A slight air of indifference
Gosh, you have waited along time to ask about it
I was told
There are tales of items arriving years later 
and what with the strike and being that time of the year
we thought we’d wait a little while
We’ll chase it up came the reply
The staff at our branch have changed and
after weeks of countless repeating of names, addresses
describing the packaging and dates of postage
The answer is
Can’t be found
Nothing more we can do for you
Could it have been stolen?
Its got a return address on it –
are you sure its not in the dea’d letter office?
Could it have come apart
and the contents scattered around the dea’d letter office?
Things like that don’t happen we got told
Same attitude from the people higher up
Funny thing is the only other parcel that we’ve ever lost in the post
has been going from here to the same state as this lost one
Whats that expression about something being rotten on the state of Denmark
This is a government owned organisation
you’d think they’d get it right
No wonder I feel Angry and Annoyed