Look what greeted us this Thursday morning
Slight case of foggy foggy dew
Cool as well – enough to put long trousers and sleeves on
The sun was trying to shine
Somewhere out there lol
So what does one do when outside doesn’t look too interesting?
Well I suppose
if I could’ve seen further than my nose
I’m sure I would have found ‘something’ to do out there
I thought about knitting lol
But there were bits and pieces around about
to be sorted
so I just knuckled down and set to
tidying up and putting away
And thinking about my house and the storage space
Lack of  – that is
or is it
too much stuff:))
A few years ago we had the kitchen remodeled
It’s not very large so one of my demands
was to have extra space for storage
This is what they suggested
Secret drawers along the baseboards under the cupboards
I only had these two installed
but ever since have wished I’d said yes to more of them
Its my loss
as they are a godsend
and there ‘was’ space available
At that time I used to ‘save’ pictures that showed storage units and ideas
This is an idea similar to my kitchen drawers
Now if we ever went back to a 2story house
I would certainly have these put in
Secret drawers at the bottom of the stairs
Oh I would have loved this when we lived in England and the kids were little
The times I’d fall over kids shoes right there
at the bottom of the stairs lol 
Heres another idea for a 2 story house
And I’ve actually lived with this sytem of rubbish removal
A Rubbish/Laundry shute 
This is a very old photo of the kitchen
we had in the blockof flats we called home in Singapore
Very basic but the rubbish shute idea has stuck in my mind ever since
Tip it away and down it goes into a bag/bin below
under the house
Great also for laundry from hallways upstairs  
downstairs into the laundry
I know they’ve been a feature in homes for many years now
but it was novel to me when I first saw it back in 1964
Unfortunately our house is too close to the ground
to incorporate the rubbish into the bin idea
Now, if we’d had more available cash for the kitchen
I would have had these roll out shelves put in
We did get drawers for crockery
but these would have been great for the pots and pans
Just think
No digging around at the back of the cupboard
‘where are you – I know you’re in there somewhere’
they just come to you lol
I might just get Dh to rig up this idea tho’
I’m sure B’unnings would have wall hangings of some sort that would do the job
Anyway it didn’t take long for the fog to ‘burn off’
and once the sun came out it didn’t take long for me
to stop thinking those thoughts –
you know the ones that involved housework –
and to find something to do outside
Had to change into cooler clothes tho’
In the end it turned into a rather nice warm day