Just a few tips from adventures I have had these past few weeks knitting ‘lacy’ garments
If for any reason you have to undo a row or two it is easier to pick up stitches using a needle slightly smaller than the one you are actually using to knit with. Means there will be less of the ‘language’ and complaining that the stitches came off this b…….size needle why won’t they go back on again.  
Also some yarn is not very forgiving when poked and prodded
If for any reason you have to undo a row or two its easier to pick up the stitches after a purl row – some wool overs or wool to the front or slip one, knit two together followed by slip stitch over, don’t actaully stay that way when you try to put them back on the needle.  They come apart or just lie there like a great big loop at the back of the work.
Actually if for any reason you have to undo a row of two for any reason it’s a da…. sight easier to rip the whole thing out and start again.
Dropped stitches can be a b………to pick up.
– Oh –
and if you are improvising and have several items on the go that are the same size and design but you are doing different lacy skirts on each it is a good idea to write down the colour and which actual lacy pattern you are using.
Sometimes when you pick one up and start to knit again
it can be hard to remember which lacy pattern you are using 
No I’m not getting past it lol