About this time of the year I get a bit down and need lots of cheering up
The seasons are changing which doesn’t please me
but there is another reason also
February and March are months when I tend to look back
to the years when I lived at home with Dad and Mum
before I married
These are the months Mum and Dad died
As you can see from this photo my Dad loved to sing
He was Irish (mum also) so to us as a family
it meant we were always singing
Didn’t matter when or where
he would sunddenly come out with some tune
and we would join in
This is him
entertaining the locals at his pub
‘Give us a song Jim’ they’d say
Always happy to oblige,
he’d be up like a shot and let them have it.
click on the photos to get a better look
A family story goes that he took Mum and me to the cinema
don’t know when – I was quite young
– so  probably middle 40’s just after the war –
Bing Crosby was in the film
Seems I decided in a quiet moment to come out with the words
‘Daddy, that man sings just like you’
Had the audience in stitches
And he really could croon like Bing Crosby
There were all the rollicking Irish songs
he’d sing like the true patriot he was
And of course there were the fun ones like
Dad and Mum and the rest of my family
have lived in the north of England  
for a long time now
They chose to live there instead of returning to Belfast 
after Dad came out of the RAF in the early 60s
So when Dad died in 1990 it was decided
he would be buried in the graveyard
of a local C of E (Anglican) church in a nearby village  
Such a peaceful setting
I took these photos when I went back for the funeral
As I mentioned before, Dad liked (loved??) a pint
and spent quite a few evenings a week in his local pub
so he wasn’t always in Mum’s good books 
She thought it so funny that the white building
opposite the graveyard
in the next photo
was actually an old pub
Not Dad’s local but a pub just the same
Ever since then we still talk about poor old Dad 
lying there dry as a bone 
and not being able to get over the road
for a drink 
And of course when Mum died a few years later
she had decided she’d share his plot 
to keep her eye on him lol
Even tho’ there are no more plots left many of the ‘used plots’ have no headstones
so there is still an open look to place
This is also a sad time for Dh
His Mother and Father passed away in January and February respectively 
If you click on this link
you’ll find a post I wrote about them all in 2008