I think I’ve mentioned it enough times
for all to know I do like warm weather
I don’t do Winter
When the weather cools down I want to hibernate lol
This is my bestest way to pass the time
At the beach doing nothing
Hook Island 2009
For a few years when I was a very little girl  
we lived on the south coast of England
and almost daily endured
the stony pebble beach at Southsea
Mum said I loved it
never wanted to leave
and would be a handful on the way home
Knew what I liked even at that age lol
Southsea Beach 1946
With the winter Olympics on at the moment
I think its a good time to reveal something to you ๐Ÿ™‚
It may come as a surprise if I said
there was one week in early February 1961
(oh dear – thats nearly 50 years ago)
when I had the time of my life
and even enjoyed the cold weather
Doing what you say
Skiing – says I
– yes –
Snow Skiing
We lived in Cyprus at the time
A beautiful island nation in the Mediterranean
well, it was at that time
sadly it has had a very chequered history since then
Dad was serving with the RAF
so thats why we were there
The youth club went to the Troodos Mountains 
 for a few days
And voila
here’s Catherine practising for the down hill event 
Bet you never thought you’d see me frolicing in that cold white stuff lol