We have loads of vistors in Melbourne at the moment
‘cose the Australian Open is being played at The Tennis Centre
Being a Grand Slam Event all the big stars are here
After knocking Lleyton Hewitt out of the tournament
Mr Cool – Roger Federer
has just survived another long game
four sets this time to defeat Nicolay Davydenko
Venus Williams lost her game today but sister Serena is still in there
The major sponsor of this tournament is a car company with a 3 lettered name
In one of its ads at the moment Todd Woodbridge
a really nice former Australian tennis player
is sitting in an umpires chair
Each time I see this ad
I keep thinking about this fabulous ‘one of a kind’ Umpires Chair
that we saw at the Warburton Tennis Club
on one of those days we drove out there
Look at it – isn’t it special
I have no idea who made or when but I’m sure its special to the club
and they’d be sad to lose it
Todays been one of those tidy up the corners days
Australia Day has been and gone
which means the year now starts proper
Most schools goes back next week after the summer holidays
I tried to get into the hairdressers today but no luck
So many girls getting  their hair tidied up before next week
that there were no spaces for the regulars lol
With the school year starting it means the youngest member of the family
will be moving on – to ‘big school’ aka Primary School
This is Daniel – our youngest grandson
and also the youngest member of the family
He turns 5 early in February
And this is his ‘graduation photo’
I don’t know whether to laugh or be annoyed at what they are doing these days
but this was taken on his last day at Kinder/Preschool
I was told this ceremony is not just for those graduating at the end of their education
but can be used for anyone.
It seems that as Daniel and his friends were graduating
from their first educational level
it was a time for celebration
and this is the way this establishment did it.
It still looks over the top to me
but maybe not all of you will agree