Here are a collection of skies from
the past 2 weeks
December 31st 2009
The last day of the year was warm with the
threat of thunderstorms
Strange patterns in the clouds 6.30pm
Light and dark
Hints of the rain that would teem down later in the evening
January 1st 2010
A very strange looking sky at 7.30pm
I walked out to see what was going on
as the light had changed
and yes
the sky really was that colour
and there at the back of the house
almost filling the sky was
a huge great beautiful rainbow
Looking more clearly I saw
a double rainbow
It poured a little later on
We tried to ‘stitch’ a couple of photos
didn’t quite work out tho’
January 10th 2010
About the same time in the evening 7.50pm
we had this fabulous sunset
And then this past Wednesday
January 13th 2010
after several scorching hot days (43c/109f)
the skies clouded over
Visitng a friend in Launching Place
this was the view from her lounge room window
at lunch time
Misty and grey – cool enough to give you goosebumps lol
Only went up to about 22c/71f
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