We have a fabulous crafter here in Melbourne name of Kirsty who has a blog called Kootoyoo 
This is where she always has lots of interesting things to say and where she shows off all the clever interesting things she makes.  I usually leave there green eyed with envy lol

Anyway I had to laugh at her post today ‘cose I’m sure she must have taken a walk down our street sometime recently and looked into our front garden

This is what she wrote today that I found so funny
‘I love Melbourne in January.
There’s nobody around.
Lawns are long & littered with dandelions.
No place to be at no particular time.’

Now if you look at this photo you’ll understand why I had to laugh.

click and get a better view

One suburban grassy area (note I didn’t say lawn) inside my fenceline on January 2nd complete with Dandelions – not there any more tho – ‘cose Dh finally gave it a haircut.

Thanks Kirsty you put into words my thoughts from the past couple of weeks